Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Preference - What's Yours?

I know most of you probably visit as many blogs as I do - or more - and have your favorites as far as content and the way they are displayed. I know I do.

For those of you who have your blog settings set when someone makes a comment a popup window appears - thank you very much! I love this feature. I love it so much because I can still see the posting, piece of art, make sure I'm commenting correctly on what was posted. I like to look at the painting/drawing while I'm commenting. I like the easy access to the posting. In my opinion it is just so much nicer - easier - more user friendly.

Maybe y'all are more efficient when using the other format - where the comment form takes up the entire screen - than I am. I, however, invariably have to go back and take another look at the art or re-read a certain sentence in the post or something - it's just not as user friendly in my opinion. Maybe the popup blocker is the reason the full screen format is used but I'd so much rather turn the "popups okay" button on than have to go back and forth when making my comments. I'm so bad about it I sometimes opt out of making a comment rather than going back and forth which isn't good.

So I was just wondering if you have the same preference or is this something that I'm being a bit picky about? And, out of curiosity, if you use the full screen comment window - why? I'm relatively new to blogging so I don't want to miss something I should be doing for a reason I am unaware of.


Dianne Mize said...

Karen, I'm in total agreement with you about this. I, too, will often just avoid leaving a comment if the full screen thingy pops up. It's a similar problem making comments in Wet Canvas. If I really want to comment on Wet Canvas or on a full screen, I have to bring up my Notepad, make my comment in it, then cut/paste it. I shrink Notepad to a small area on my screen so I can write and look at the painting simultaneously. But if I don't have time to do all that, I'll just by-pass making a comment.

Yep, it would please me greatly if everybody used the pop-up window.

Pattie Wall said...

Karen, I didn't give it much thought before I read your post, but I have changed mine, as you are correct! Thanks for opening my eyes!

The Crusty Crone said...

(I've been checking out your blog for a few weeks. I think I got the link from Sandy at Everyday Art. She's got some great links.)

Thank you!! I feel exactly the way you do about pop-up comments. Its the only way to go.

I use to ask people if they would consider changing from the full screen version to the pop-up, but after a while I figured it was the way it was and its their blog.

I like the popup because if I haven't read ALL the current posts, I can easily return to finish checking everything out after leaving a comment. Plus, as you noted, its nice to be able to check the post to make sure I haven't misread something, etc.

I'm enjoying your art. Thanks for sharing it.

Marsha Robinett said...

I agree with all the VERY GOOD REASONS you gave for using the pop up window for comments. I to like using it...however, mine is set at full window. (don't laugh)

In the beginning I LOST THE POP UP WINDOW and couldn't get it to open again.

You ask "how did she loose it?" Very Simple...while I had the pop up open I clicked on the blog page and it 'closed' to the bottom of the computer screen! (or behind the blog post), however you want to look at it. When I clicked 'Post a Comment' again, nothing happened. The comment screen would not open!!

I was too computer illiterate to know where it went or why I couldn't change it...After I figured it out I thought others might have the same issue so I've left mine at full comment window all this time.


Karen Hargett said...

Hi Dianne,
I'm glad I'm not the only one who felt this way but it does make your life easier when visiting a lot of blogs. Thanks for your comments.

Yeah Pattie! A convert! I know most people probably don't think about it since it was all set up long ago when first starting their blog. Also the word "popup" probably brings forth negative images of the irritating ads that popup on some sites - but I'm so glad you changed your mind.

Thanks for dropping in TCC - It's good to hear you agree too! BTW - it is also good to hear you are enjoying my art - thanks!

Boy Marsha how things have changed in a short period of time for you! I didn't laugh but I had to smile when you lost the popup window - now look at you - helping people with websites and more than once you have helped me with my blog! I'm glad you have changed your window to a popup - you always have such interesting topics on your blog in addition to your art - it will be easier to comment now. Thank you for doing it just for me - but others will appreciate it too I'm sure!

Thank you all for your comments and confirming what I was thinking - I appreciate it! Now let's hope more will follow and make the change ;-)

Barbara Pask said...

Hi Karen, I have noticed the pop up comment box on some blogs but never really gave a thought to changing it on mine. I did change it thanks to you, a big improvement I think. Sometimes you just don't stop to think about changing things, too busy I guess. Thanks again

Karen Hargett said...

Hey Barb - you know when first setting up these blogs there is a lot to do and if you were like me you didn't know exactly what you were doing and hoped for the best. I think though it's the best way to go for the comment box. I'm glad you switched ;-)

Susan Carlin said...

I MUCH prefer the popup to going to a whole new page, and then having to keep getting the unsecure message. My memory is so short, I really need to see the image I'm commenting on while making my comment. I always encourage my blog workshop students to choose the popup option.

Karen Hargett said...

Hi Susan, yes I was sure you preferred the popup - thanks for responding. Maybe we will convince others to do the same ;-)

Unknown said...

Hi Karen

wanted to say I feel just like you. Having the pop up makes it easy for me to comment.

Karen Hargett said...

A woman after my own heart - thanks for your comment Toni!

Dean H. said...

Hi, have another convert...I switched. Can't argue with the logic. Thanks.

Karen Hargett said...

Yeah (doing the happy dance) glad you are aboard Dean! Thanks!