Sunday, August 9, 2020

Sarge - A Companion to "Mom's Horse"

Earlier in the year I did a commission of  "Mom's Horse."  You can read the post, see the WIPs and finished pastel if you scroll down a few posts to January 14th. 

Shortly after the delivery of the commission I was contact by the horse's owner.  She was very pleased with how the pastel turned out and asked me to do another pastel of her other horse, Sarge.  Needless to say I was extremely happy to do so, however, somehow somewhere along the line I didn't get it posted to my blog.  For that I apologize. 

Sarge is a beautiful horse and was a lot of fun to work on.  Have I told you lately that I love horses?

Here is the reference photo, WIPs and final pastel.


8" x 10" Pastel on Velour

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