Monday, May 12, 2008


I'm sitting here at the computer printing things like brochures and giclée prints of my art in preparation for my show at the Texas State Arts and Craft Fair coming up Memorial Day weekend in Kerrville.

In the past I have used a pre-scored, tri-fold paper for my brochure which was nice but really time consuming and expensive to print. This year I'm using a 110 lb. white card stock with no folds. It is working out well. The printer is chugging right along without any problems.

I used Word to design it and have printed both sides so that all I have to do is cut it down the center and it makes a nice take along brochure. Here you can see both the front and the back.

People are always looking for information they can take home with them. This gives them a bit more information than my business card (shown on the right)and a few samples of my work too.

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