Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Entire Critter Crew - Orginals Pastels

Dee Dee Murry, a most amazing, award winning, artist, and I have never met in person but we have "known" each other on line for probably 4-5 years now and I consider her a friend. She is the neatest person and has the most remarkable Dachshund, Hallie, who is the light of her life. You need to check out her website and blog and be prepared to be blown away!

Anyway, Dee Dee has mentioned she'd like to see me do a portrait of Sassy, my Cairn Terrier. I won't have time to do anything like that for a while with a big meeting at work coming up the end of the week running through the weekend. Then I have a large pencil commission to do :-) that will need to be finished by the end of May. So I thought I'd post the pastel that I've done of Sassy. Doing that means I had to give Samantha, my cat, her air time too. Then you all have seen the recent pastel I did of my horse Billy Bob. That is my entire critter crew. I plan on doing more pastels of each in the future - but for now here they are. I do have to say, Sassy is exactly what her name implies and this pastel doesn't show her true personality - I must do another one soon.

Psalm 33:4
For the word of the LORD is upright, and all His work is done in faithfulness.


Unknown said...

So nice to know virtual friendships can last so long! These are beautiful Karen.

Carolina said...

Sassy looks even cuter after reading what you say about her...

magicmyst said...

They are gorgeous your animals and you have captured so much character in their portrayals. Fabulous!!!

Karen Hargett said...

Thanks Sheila - it is a good feeling to have virtual friends out there.

Hi Carolina you probably know a bit more about Sassy since you get my newsletter - thanks!

Magicmyst thank you so much - it is nice to hear such a compliment.

Dee Dee said...

You put a BIG smile on my face Karen! :) I had not seen any of these three....the Sassy portrait is adorable she has tons of personality, I love the eye l@@k!

I have never seen Samantha, she is a beautiful girl. Great job on this one too! I do hope you find time to do more of these guys.

I clicked on the Billy Bob link...literally took my breath away. LOVE love love the lighting and colors, he is such a stunner. I'm glad he is doing well I know you've been through some bad scares with him.

I'm so proud of you Karen! This was a fun visit to say the least.

Thank you so much for the plug and the links too. :)

Barbara Pask said...

Wow Karen, Both of these are wonderful. Do you ever give any thought to painting with oils again? Just curious. You are truly amazing with pastels.

Dean H. said...

That eye sure makes Sassy brim with personality! Great paintings!

Regina Calton Burchett said...

These are both wonderful - and I LOVE the one of your terrier! How cute. Great work, Karen.

Unknown said...

Wow Karen! These are both just gorgeous! I love how you can see the personality of each creature - and Sassy peeking out from behind her hair is really a great pose! God has given you a gift, girl!

Karen Hargett said...

First let me say to everyone I'm sorry I'm really behind in answering, viewing and all the rest. It's been very hectic with my work and then dealing with some health issues and then I've been working on a large pencil commission that I need to finish in the next two weeks.

DeeDee thanks for all the compliments on my work - I plan to do more of my critters soon.

Hi Barb good to see you. No I haven't been playing with oils - I'm enjoying my pastels too much these days.

Hey Dean - thanks so much. Sassy is just full of personality and attitude - this one is actually rather subdued. ;-)

Regina thanks so much. Sassy is such a special pet - love her to death!

Joanne thank you so much and thanks for stopping in! Yes I believe God has blessed me very much.

Unknown said...

You're probably doing a little rest and recuperation after that big commission. Just letting you know I'm thinking about ya!

Karen Hargett said...

Hi Sheila - you are so sweet for checking. Between being really busy at work and my commission I haven't had a lot of free time.

I'm still working on the commission. Pencil work takes so much longer to do than pastels! This has a lot of tree bark and dirt in it - who would have thought that drawing bark takes a while even if it is squiggles. I'm hoping to finish it by the first of the week and overnight it to my client.

I'll be glad to get back to pastels! Thanks for checking in on me ;-)