Saturday, April 18, 2009

PS - Kitties Finished

I thought I'd add a post script on the kitties from last night's post - I hadn't put in the whiskers on the black and white one yet when I posted. It adds just a bit to his persona to have some whiskers! Then I had a few tweaks on the tabby but I think he is finished too. I have to add they both look better in person than on screen.


Unknown said...

Just beautiful... you have such great attention to detail!

Barbara Pask said...

Hi Karen, Both of these kittys are just wonderful, you do wonderful work. :)

CandynRA said...

Beautiful work, Karen...I especially like the tabby!

Karen Hargett said...

Thanks Sheila - sometimes that can be a problem but I always end up putting in the details.

Hi Barb - thanks! I'm glad you like the kitties - they were fun to work on.

CandynRA - thanks so much for your comments and especially for stopping by.

Tina said...

Continued nice work! Also, I always crack up and get a lift when I see that mule/donkey (don't know which) from painting you use as your avatar.

Karen Hargett said...

Hi Tina,
Thanks so much! I'm also glad to hear you like my little donkey avatar too. I have the original 11x14 framed and sitting on my fireplace hearth and then a 4x5 taped to my computer screen both at work and at home - it makes me smile too ;-)

Dee Dee said...

Wow girl you have been busy! These cats are amazing! You should be posting these on the forum people would be blown away. I am glad I found your blog again so I could see what you've been up to. Really nice work!

Karen Hargett said...

DeeDee I can't tell you how pleased I am that you have visited my blog.

I had fun doing the cats. I'm anxious to find out if the client likes them or not.

It's been a long time since I've posted on the forum - probably should get back to it at some point :-/ before they won't let me back in.

Everyone - if you don't know DeeDee Murry, she is one fantastic award winning artist and one of the nicest people ever. Visit her website and be prepared to be literally blown away and she has one of the cutest dogs ever!

Dee Dee said...

Yes we need you back you are very missed there! I was so surprised to see the beautiful work you have been doing here. (not surprised that they are beautiful...just that you have been so busy and we hadn't seen any wips :)) I'm glad I came and looked.

I'm envious of your cats I have always struggled with them for some reason. You got them spot on.

Ooooh saying my dog is cute is major brownie points. LOL. Sassy is head of that list though will there be a Hargett original of her at some point here?

Karen Hargett said...

I will get back there soon - have to get thru this our annual meeting at work that lasts 4 days/working 14-18 hours a day. I leaves me exhausted.

Speaking of cats - I saw the big cat you did with Terry Issac - wow beautiful!

I will try to find a pastel I did of Sassy and post it. I need to do another one that truly shows here personality. Give Hallie hugs and kisses for us!

José Carrilho (Go Detail) said...

Hi Karen,

You've given them a wonderful expression.

Kind regards,


Karen Hargett said...

Hi Jose - good to see you! I'm so glad you stopped in. Thanks!