Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mountain River Landscape

Saturday I painted with a friend of mine. It was enjoyable. She is an accomplished oil painter and kept me encouraged.
I started this one while I was there and made good progress on it until I came home and then proceeded to mess it up. So I just wiped it off and started again. This is the results. I tried to get a good reflection - hopefully I succeeded. It was a really rocky river bed and I wanted to submerge some of the rocks but I'm still trying to figure out how to get the look of transparent water.

Don't be shy about critiquing my oil painting or offering suggestions - that is one of the ways I learn. I see a lot wrong with it, the sky and mountain are rather blah and may be too cold and doesn't create the depth I had wanted, the trees could be more defined with lights and darks but I see some improvements too so all is not lost. I may still work on this but for now I'm letting it sit for a little while.

It is 8"x6" oil on a canvas panel.

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