Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Stand of Aspens - Pastel Original

I started this pastel a week or so ago and didn't get very far on it and had set it aside. I almost tossed it out but tonight felt the urge to work on something and picked it up again.
I find when scanning pastels the scanner really doesn't do the colors justice. It could be my scanner as it is ancient, or the pastels since they have such a reflective quality about them, or both. I replaced the scanned picture I had posted with a photo that represents the colors better.
I think what I like about aspens as much as their leaves in the fall is the bark. It has such wonderful texture and subtle colors about it year round. This happens to be in the spring.

This original pastel is 8" x 10" on velour paper. I used Rembrandt soft pastels and Carb Othellow pastel pencils.

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