Friday, June 17, 2011

ETSY Treasury "Stunning Horses" Features My Pastel of Billy Bob

8" x 10" (20.4cm x 25.4cm)
Giclee Print on Fine Art Paper
$40 plus $10 shipping and handling in the US
E-mail me for International shipping rates or other inquiries.
I was just notified that my giclee print of Billy Bob is one of several being featured in the ETSY Treasury "Stunning Horses".  It will be for a limited time, but please take a few minutes to check the treasury out.  I'm always so honored when another artist features one of my pieces in their treasury and you know how much I love Billy Bob so that makes it even more special.

Psalm 68:3 King James Version (KJV)
3But let the righteous be glad; let them rejoice before God: yea, let them exceedingly rejoice


Carol Blackburn said...

Nicely done!

Karen Hargett said...

Thank you Carol - he's special to me- he's my boy!