Sunday, September 16, 2007

All but the Tweaking on the Maine Coon Cat

I'm at the spot in this drawing where I'll let it sit for a day or two just to see if there is anything that stands out to me that needs to be added or adjusted. Sometimes after working on a drawing for a while you don't see things that need to be corrected or added until you have stepped away from it. Sometimes all it takes is to see it on screen and those little bits jump right out at you.

One of the corrections I made from an earlier post is I reduced the ruff around her neck. I had gotten carried away with drawing the fur and had made it too full. I just used the background color to "erase" the parts I wanted. I've made a few adjustments to the feet and finished out the tree stump. The tree stump was done by layering light and darks - browns, yellows, greys and black until I was satisfied with it.
This little cat is precious and so captivating with those eyes. I have really enjoyed drawing it. I hope you have enjoyed seeing it come to life and I hope my explanations have helped you to understand how I draw with pastels.

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