Saturday, September 8, 2007

My Art Journal

This art journal will feature my graphite and pastel works in progress. I hope it will give you an idea of the process I go through when working on each piece of art. I will try to elaborate on the steps involved as well as give you updates on shows and general news.

I have a show coming up the first weekend in October. The Buda Fine Arts Festival. This is my second year to do this show. Last year I did well and hope to do even better this year! Preparation for this show and every show is time consuming but necessary to try to ensure it is as successful as possible. Tonight I have been printing my giclée prints. I sell most of my original drawings and have archival prints of each original for sale too. I'd love for you to take a minute to browse through my galleries on my website and see what all I have been drawing.

It’s been an eventful month so far. My pastel, Breaking Point, was chosen by international dog and animal artist and Editor of Starving Artists, Mike Sibley It is a great honor to have him choose this pastel as I respect him so much. He has so many wonderful artists submitting work all the time on his site and to be selected even made it more special.

Then Thursday, I was interviewed by the Buda Free Press, a local newspaper. They are featuring local artists who are participating in the Buda Fine Arts Festival. I’m anxious to see how that interview turns out – I’ll let you know!

Lastly, but certainly not least, I want to thank the Lord God Almighty for this talent I have been blessed with. What a joy it is to be able to look at what He has created and then try to describe it on a piece of paper with pencils and pastels! Thank you Lord!

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V....Vaughan said...

I wonder if I am the first to comment!
I hope you will post some of the great art you do, so that everyone cans see it!
Good Luck at Buda Fest!
(Be sure to tell everyone how to say "Buda"