Friday, September 14, 2007

Another Update on the Maine Coon Cat

I've got a little bit more done on the Maine Coon cat tonight and started on the tree stump she is sitting on. I think you can see what I'm doing - layering the lighter colors on top of the darker colors and then even taking some of the darker shades and making them even darker creating the fur thickness and texture.

I used the white Conte stick to make the whiskers and the black to make the little tufts of hair on the tips of the ears. Even though the sticks are square you can use a corner to make really thin lines. If you look closely I've done quite a bit of the finished part of her fur that way too.

I hope to have her finished or at least to the point of tweaking and putting the finishing touches on her the next time I log in. I can see looking at the image on the screen there are a few places that need my attention already - like the feet. That usually happens. I try to hold my work up and take a look at it while I'm drawing because I can get too focused on one area and not see how it is in relation to the drawing as a whole. I think focusing on one area at a time is a good thing though. It allows you to interpret what you are drawing and to make it lifelike and not just a copy of a photo.

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