Saturday, April 26, 2008

It's Hard Not to Draw The Details!!

After my last post I thought it would be fun to draw Billy Bob, my horse, in similar cropped view of his face the way I had drawn "The Inspiration". Then I started visualizing what that might look like. In my mind I saw bold swatches of color and not much detail - ha - that is really hard for me to do!

I kept focusing on the details and wanted to draw them. I know that I should be able to draw with large strokes using different colors and values to get the depth I want but I feel I'm floundering right now with this one to get what I saw in my mind's eye on paper.
So is this drawing a failure? No. There is always something to learn from each of my drawings. What I do find rather interesting is that it is as if I almost feel restless. It has been hard lately to decide on what to draw and then there are pictures whirling around in my head that aren't as detailed as I usually do. Maybe it is the need to experiment with other mediums and styles. Who knows! The one thing I do know for sure - I will enjoy the journey!


Susan Carlin said...

Hi Karen- It was fun to find your comment over at the extraordinary pencil on her post about the videos. Yes! Come see me at the gallery when you're in San Antonio next time. Very nice blog you have here, sister.

Karen Hargett said...

Thanks Susan - on both counts! I will definitely make it a point to get by your gallery when I go to San Antonio. I'm glad you liked my blog - I need to get back in the swing of things and post more - life as they say has been getting in the way lately.